Zonit's Z-lock and a-lock Are the World's First Truly Universal Iec Locking

Power Cords. Z-lock and a-lock Are 100% Compatible With Your Existing

Infrastructure. Z-lock Locks Into Place on Both Ends of the Cord, Securing

The Power Path Between It Device and Rack Pdu Regardless of Brand or

Manufacturer.  a-lock Locks on One Side, Securing the Power Connection at

The Device.



*        Z-lock and a-lock Eliminate Accidental, Vibration or Nuisance


*        Z-lock and a-lock's Release Tabs Are Located on Either Side of the

Plug and Receptacle, Not on Top 

*        Z-lock and a-lock's Connectors Are Available in a Wide Variety of

Plug and Receptacle Combinations

*        Z-lock and a-lock Come in 10, 15, and 20-amp Options

*        Z-lock and a-lock Are Also Available in Eight Standard Colors and

Nine Cord Lengths 




The Zonit Z-ats Micro is the World's Smallest and Most Efficient Automatic

Transfer Switch for Data Center Equipment. Designed Specifically to Overcome

The Challenges of Single Corded Devices, the Micro Automatically Switches

From the Primary Power Source (a) to the Backup Source (B) as Needed. With

The Micro, You Can Guarantee Redundant Power to Connected Devices at All





*        the Z-ats Micro Supplies a and B Redundant Power to Single Corded


*        the Z-ats Micro Can Switch Between a and B Power Sources at Any

Phase Angle, Even 180 Degrees Out of Phase

*        the Z-ats Micro is a One-to-one Solution, So Each Component Uses

Its Own Z-ats Micro

*        the Z-ats Micro is Zero U

*        the Z-ats Micro Can Be Deployed in 15 to 30 Seconds


As With All Zonit Products, Z-ats Comes With an Industry-leading, 3-year

Manufacturer's Warranty.




The Zonit Z-pds is the Next Step in the Evolution of Power Distribution to

The Rack.  Our Modular Power Distribution System Brings Complete

Three-phase, a-b Power Redundancy Into Your Rack.


At Half the Cost, It is a More Effective Solution Than Traditional

Distribution.  It Saves Space by Replacing Rpp's and Whips, Busway, and Rack

Power Strips.  With Features Like Automatic Three-phase Load Balancing, the

Zonit Z-pds is Safer and More Reliable.




*        Z-pds Has Individual, Unpinned Circuit Breaker Protection Per Phase

*        Z-pds Can Mount in or Above the Rack

*        Z-pds Comes in a Compact 2 U Footprint 

*        Z-pds Has Dual a + B Inputs Available in 3-phase 30, 40, or 60-amp


*        Z-pds Operates at 208, 415, or 480v

*        Z-pds Provides Automatic Three-phase Load Balancing